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BISON BAGGER Starting at

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Big, Broad, and American Made!

Designed for the Batwing Fairing Touring Models

Loaded with the same great features that have made our Mayhem Bagger so popular, but these bars are 1.5" Diameter

Mfg. out of T304 ornamental grade stainless steel and CNC mandrel bent

Notched and slotted for internal wiring and TBW. Will also fit non-TBW models

Specs: 37.5" Tip-Tip with 8" pullback (Same angle as our mayhem bagger. The handles are just longer) Available in 12" and 14" rise. 16" by special order only

No modifications required to the fairing in order to make them fit

2014-present models: 12" tall bars can be installed without replacing your brake or clutch hoses. All you need is our wire extensions. On ABS models, 14" tall bars can be installed with some minor rerouting.