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1200 Watt 3 amp system with R.E.M.I.T. easily mounts inside Road Glide Ultra fairing 200 Watt front speakers blend seamlessly into front fairing Front speaker grills include black trim AND Chrome trim 150 Watt rear speakers fit perfect into factory rear speaker “pods” WBC1654 Rear speakers with Lower fairing Speaker Adaptors Lower adaptor ‘fronts” are gloss black to match inner fairing Adaptors give easy access to coolant tank in brake side lower Amplifiers designed around small factory charging system Made specifically to work best with factory HD radio. No crossover, gain, or EQ adjustments make installation very easy All required mounting plates, hardware and wire are included 5 Year Warranty on speakers / 3 Year Warranty on amplifier Drag Specialties part # 4405-0544   Note: From a sonic point of view, Road Glide Ultra has the correct flash, however, the factory flash in Road Glide Ultra makes the radio play considerably QUIETER than it could. Less signal out from the radio means less signal going into the amps. If you install this system without a reflash, it will sound great, but will NOT reach its potential volume. A radio reflash by a Techno Research dealer is required to make this system play to its full volume potential. An OEM Dealer reflash will not “fix” this, as the OEM flash looks at the bikes VIN and will re-install the same “quiet” flash. To find a Techno Research dealer near you, please visit http://technoresearch.com/index.php/tuning-centers or CALL US!   Note: The WBA 400.2 Amplifier is a Class D design. It should be understood that ALL Class D amplifiers, regardless of brand, cause a reduction in FM reception. The WBA 400.2 features a proprietary circuit design called R.E.M.I.T. (Reduced Electro Magnetic Interference Technology) that Hogtunes believes gives the BEST FM reception available for any Class D Amplifier designed for a motorcycle. If you add a 2nd or 3rd model amplifier to your system, reduction of FM reception is increased and is considered normal.   Hogtunes understands that some riders prefer the cosmetics of in-fairing antennas, however it should be noted that NOTHING works as well as the factory antenna. If FM is an important part of your riding experience, we strongly advise against the use of any in fairing type antenna!

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